Fr 14.05.2004 10:40 - Praktikum in Eisenach
When finding out that my ancestors came from Germany, I became determined to one day visit the country. The opportunity to come to Germany was brought to my attention in the fall of 2003 and I jumped at it. The relationship that Wartburg College and Eisenach have is an amazing one, which allows students to travel overseas and experience something that they would not in America.

Working at Kreissportbund has been an incredible expreience. I have been able to take what I already have seen in America with our sports programs and compare and contrast that information with the way that Kreissportbund runs there programs. The similarities are oustounding, while the differences are few and far between.

Interning with Kreissportbund, I was able to participate in a family sports day, where I watched parents interact with there children while competing in a sporting activity. I was also fortunate enough to help with a Kindergarten sports day. That was a lot of fun for me to see the children get so excited about the acivities that they were participating in.

The culture of Germany maybe different, but the ideas and values of the people are one in the same. I have enjoyed my experiences and could not have wished for a better internship placement.

Julie Schultz
Wartburg College
Intern 2004